Monday, 20 April 2015

Wood Clearance and a Neighbour pops by

I spent this morning cleaning and vacuuming in the cottage and then the afternoon clearing more wood from the front of the house. 

A lovely day today. 

Chris spent time working on the farmhouse back door frame and also improving the front gate. He then came and joined me at the front. He was bit worn out so sat down whilst cutting the thicker branches I couldn't manage. 

Always time for some love with Spencer and Max. 

Late afternoon it was hot and our neighbour Serge pulled up in his tractor. He had a cold drink with us and we showed him the progress we'd made in the cottage. We had a chat about this and that. In French, I might add as he doesn't speak English. I asked him if he knew the German Shepherd dog we had seen wandering. He said he thought it belonged to a man who was in hospital. He was pretty sure someone would be looking after it.  It was then time for him to fetch his cows. It was nice of him to call by and see us and it was good to chat to him in French!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. You are good worker bees! I'm glad Spencer and Max are enjoying the excitement!

  2. Well done for chatting in French. As I type this it has just started raining here, we needed it for the garden so I am more than happy to have a slight weather change. Keep well Diane

  3. Don't work too hard you 2! You really do have some really great neighbors. Mine are not good at all....always complaining about someone or something. A new gal moved in next door and the other neighbor has reported her to animal control 5 times! He feeds deer and when the deer show up in his yard her dogs bark and he doesn't like it! I have my windows open and her dogs are not problem barkers at all. Such a shame that people are so miserable that they make life miserable for those around them. So glad you have such nice neighbors!
    Did you take language courses before you got there? Good for you speaking the language.


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