Saturday, 25 April 2015

Our Last Day

Oh no, it's our last day. We leave very early tomorrow morning. In fact I've set the alarm for 4.30am!

This morning I took photos of the stuff we have here so I remember not to bring duplicates next time!

The rest of the day I spent tidying and cleaning  but also planting a few freesia bulbs and some cosmos seeds. I'm hoping they'll be up and flowering in July the next time we're here. 

I've been enjoying our last moments here, taking lots of photos and soaking up the peacefulness. 

When I walk around the garden, Spencer usually joins me but Max has taken to coming along too!

I planted my little potted aubrietia plant at the front on a bank so that it may tumble down in years to come. 

At least we'll only be away for a couple of months this time.

I'm going to miss this beautiful place.

Thank you so much for joining me over the last few weeks. It's been lovely to receive your comments and just to know you're there!

Maggie xx


  1. Can hardly wait until you're back! (Those panoramic shots mess with my head!)

  2. I will be waiting eagerly for your return and new posts about your amazing house and land.

  3. You seem to have been here for so short a time, but then time flies by when you are having fun.

    We have arrived back from our holiday and brought bulbs back from Amsterdam as gifts for the French lady who watches our house. Thought you may be interested that she was delighted! Keep well Diane

  4. Safe trip home and again thank you for sharing. I hope you continue blogging when you get back as I still love your blog no matter where you are and now I have both blogs on my list so no worry about me "missing" anything! I'll miss your place too but July isn't very far off!


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