Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A Pretty Pinny

Monday 6th July

Monday morning and the roofers were here at 7.40am! 

They are such hard workers. They continued with the tiling 

and at the end of the day had finished this side of the cottage roof, 

had installed another Velux window 

and make good progress with tiling the farmhouse roof. 

The roof is looking fantastiqie or tres joli as one of the roofers described it. 

Our electrician was also here today and made progress with the new cables. There was also much discussion about the installation of the electric water heater in the downstairs toilet. 

In the afternoon, I made space on the kitchen table to do some sewing..... 

.....a pretty floral apron with a gingham pocket.

All around us the wheat in the fields is turning golden.  

It's been lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx


  1. I have also done a bit of sewing but I am nt that energetic about it any more! The roof is looking fantastic. Diane

  2. Wow, the roofers are doing amazingly well aren't they! xx

  3. Your roof is gorgeous and they are really making progress! They are very hard workers!
    I love your sweet! So glad you are able to continue with your sewing. Did you do it by hand or do you have electric now and your sewing machine?


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