Thursday, 30 July 2015

Baking and Barbecue

Saturday 11th July

We decided to have a nice relaxing day today with there being no workmen about. I tidied up the cottage living room and kitchen as everything gets moved from pillar to post with the electrician having to put sockets in various places. This is where one of the old sockets used to be......

....looks like we've made several spiders homeless!

Late morning, I made two trays of Florentine slices and a tray of flapjacks. 

How cute is this tiny measuring cup in the form of a tea cup?!

It makes baking even more fun!

I usually make cakes in the cottage kitchen and then bake them in the oven in Harvey J. I don't use the old gas oven in the cottage for safety's sake although the hob burners are fine. 

One tray of Florentine slices baked and the other tray coming along nicely and a white van pulled up outside. It was our friend Henri accompanied by a handsome young man whom Henri introduced as our neighbour Serge's eldest son. He was friendly and chatty and I had a good conversation with him in French whilst Henri was advising Chris about his chainsaw. Referring to my baking, Henri suggested we set up a restaurant for the English people! They didn't stay for too long as they were going for lunch. I enjoy impromptu visits and it's nice to meet another member of our community. 

We had been invited to Gail and Rod's barbecue this evening so late afternoon we spruced ourselves up. Gail had kindly arranged for some friends Sandra and Alan to pick us up. We had a lovely evening sitting and chatting in Gail and Rod's pretty garden eating some of the most delicious barbecue ribs we have even tasted!

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. So are the pictured goodies Florentines or flapjacks? Both terms are new to me in this context; the Florentines I'm familiar with are drop cookies and flapjacks are pancakes here. Whatever they are, they look scrumptious! I love to bake, but do very few cookies as I am rather too fond of them. ;-)

  2. That little measuring cup is too cute!! xx

  3. I'm curious about the Florentines and Flapjacks too. The tray looked like a pizza to me but what do I know? Not much evidently! LOL! What fun to get invited out for a barbecue.


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