Monday, 20 July 2015

Choking on Artichokes

Saturday 4th July

I spent a very enjoyable morning baking focaccia bread and flapjacks. 

Chris demolished part of the old cupboard in the cottage living room.

The wood was rotten behind it and it needed to be taken out as we wanted an electric socket in that corner. 

Chris also cleared some more rubbish from the old well house. 

The roofers were here today. We were quite surprised they were working on a Saturday. They continued with the tiling and fitting the first Velux window in the back farmhouse roof. 

At lunch time, Chris and I climbed into the back part of the upstairs farmhouse. 

We can now see the view across the fields from the new Velux. 

This is the long back room upstairs in the farmhouse. It will have 3 replacement Velux windows. There's some work to be done in the room but it will probably be the easiest to renovate in the farmhouse itself. I've got my eye on it for a craft studio but it will make a nice sized bedroom in the nearer future. 

For lunch, we had the usual bread and cheese. I also cooked the artichokes our friend Henri had given us. I'd never cooked them before and I asked one of the roofers how to cook them. He said to boil them for 30 minutes which I did. 

We kind of enjoyed the experience but there didn't seem to be much flesh to eat! In fact we both nearly choked on parts that I can only describe as similar to lots of fish bones in your mouth!

Whilst the artichokes had been bubbling away, I tore off the old wallpaper from the walls in the inderstairs cupboard. 

I have my mind set on a pantry here with pretty floral wallpaper. 

After lunch, Chris played some Simon and Garfunkel and Eagles' Hotel California on his guitar. 

It made for a lovely atmosphere and I really wanted to sing along but the roofers had returned from their lunch and I thought they had enough to cope with!

In the afternoon, Chris pottered doing some odd jobs whilst I made drinks for the roofers and sewed some more of my watercolour quilt. 

By the end of the day the cottage Velux window had been fitted and lots more tiling had been done. 

They really deserve a rest those roofers!

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. I cook my artichokes in the microwave, yum yum. Take a look at

  2. So much going on! I have never had artichokes, they look like tricky things to eat! xx

  3. when you eat them you take each leaf and dip it in melted butter and scrape the flesh off with your don't eat the whole leaf! LOL! Also, the middle part is the best when you get all the leaves eaten (flesh only) then you scrape the little spines off the top of the middle and underneath is the "tenderloin" of the artichoke....again, dip in salted butter and swoon! You won't fill up on an artichoke but the experience when done right is divine.
    Are those ceramic or terracotta tiles you're putting on the roof?
    I had a Velux skylight window just like yours put in my old farmhouse! I just had a small attic room like yours but about 1/3 that size. That room is going to be beautiful with light and great views! Good thinking!


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