Monday, 20 July 2015

Cows in the Field Nearby

Friday 3rd July

A dry morning and Max found a sunny spot by the pallets of roof tiles. 

Spencer was enjoying the sunshine too. 

The roofers always get here early and this morning one of them was fixing the guttering whilst the other started the tiling. 

It's fascinating to watch the tiling process which is different to the British method. The French roofers use special hooks to fix the tiles in place. 

For the last few day I've been working on a 'watercolour' patchwork quilt. This has been inspired by the very talented Wanda of Exuberant Color who makes such beautiful quilts. (I will add the link later, the Internet is so limited here). 

It's funny as I don't have a design wall at home in England but I needed one for this type of quilt so Chris pinned a fleece blanket to the wall in the cottage living room. So I have a design wall amongst the chaos of the French renovations!

Chris strimmed the long grass around the 'garden' which is so nice as we can now take a walk right around the house. 

I can now see right across the fields again!

The thistles are taller than us in places!

By the afternoon both roofers were tiling and it was coming along nicely. 

Like the last time we were here, Max likes to come for a walk with us. 

The thing that really made my day was that I spotted some cows in a field not far from us.....I can see them happily grazing!

See you next time!

Maggie xx


  1. It looks as though all is going well! I really like your quilt and the roof is progressing too! xx

  2. Your colorwash piece is coming along nicely. I'm glad you were able to rig a design wall to work on it.

    That looks like a lot of roof to put tiling on. I hope they get a lot of good weather days so they can get it done.

  3. Glad all is going well. You say you have a slow connection,I don't know how you manage to load so many photos. Our slow connection has just taken me 5 minutes to download them to see!! Like the look of the quilt. Have a good week Diane

  4. That is a BEAUTIFUL quilt! Love the flow of color and pattern intensity.

    Are the tiles stone or manmade? You'll have to change your header photo when it's done; what a handsome change it will bring!

  5. I am doing like last year...catching up! I had company and the weeks before I was getting ready and finishing birthday presents for them and I'm still catching up on laundry since my dryer is broke.
    I love the quilt! I always love your quilts. I think I should just pay you to pick out fabrics for me! LOL!
    The views are so pretty and serene! Glad to see you're doing some creative work!


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