Saturday, 27 June 2015

Hammock Heaven

Saturday 27th June

After early showers and hair washes, we drove to Scaer. Our plan was to get there reasonably early to visit the local market. We arrived in good time to buy some artisan sausage and some herb plants.... a rosemary and a thyme to put in pots for now. 

We then took Spencer for our favourite walk along the Voie Verte, the walk that takes the path of the old railway track. 

 I love this walk and the old Art Nouveau railway bridge we pass over. 

It was a glorious sunny day....

And warm enough for Spencer to have a swim......

Boy did he have fun!

After our walk we went back to Harvey J for lunch then to Le Clercs for groceries. We had decided to see if they had any garden chairs and before we knew it, we had purchased a recliner and a hammock! They weren't impulse buys honest! The chair was on our list and I'd wanted a hammock for a long long time! At 40 euros (about £30) and with its own frame, I couldn't leave without it! Somehow a TV found its way into the trolley too! Now we can watch the Walking Dead on a bigger screen than the laptop!

We got home, put the shopping away and Chris assembled the hammock. Oh my goodness, what relaxation!

Gently swaying, looking at the clouds pass by in the blue sky, the birds singing and the bees buzzing....Chris had always been rather sceptical about my hammock obsession but half an hour later I'm pretty sure he was convinced too as he slept on it like a baby for at least an hour!

I keep telling him I'm always right about these things!

Thank you for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. Perfect! What a brilliant idea, the hammock! I wonder if Max will try it.

  2. I can see another trip in the not so distant future for a second hammock!!!!

  3. I remember last year in a comment on one of my posts, you said you wanted a hammock. So glad you got one! We actually gave ours to our daughter last month. The mosquitoes are so bad at our house most of the summer, we found we just weren't using it. She wanted one for her "new" house deck, so we passed ours along. Hope your bugs aren't bad and that you'll get a lot of use out of yours! Looks like you are both happy to be back at the farmhouse. Love that last picture of Spencer -- what a charmer he is!

  4. I love that walk too and the scenic and peaceful. Congratulations on the hammock! I think you might have to get another one though! LOL! We don't want any fights to ensue! LOL! Spencer certainly has grown up into a handsome dog. He looks so "adult" now.


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