Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Learning Breton and the Roofing Membrane

So the roofers were right to have put the tarpaulins on the exposed roof timbers. We woke up this morning to thunder, lightning and torrential rain. The men arrived and, after a bit of stop start stop, the rain eased off and they were able to start work properly on the roof. 

Today they were fixing the special roofing membrane to the wood and also replacing rotten wood as necessary. 

At lunchtime we were able to look at the wood inside the farmhouse. You can see the blue tarpaulins through the planks of wood. 

By late afternoon, most of the roofing membrane had been completed on this side of the farmhouse. They had replaced a lot of the wood around the chimney before completing the membrane. 

We have now made the decision to have the cottage roof renewed at the same time as it makes sense. The roofing boss came to see us in the afternoon to discuss this. He's a friendly talkative man who doesn't speak English. I like this as it means I must speak French. As well as discussing the roof, he also taught us some French and Breton and the differences in pronunciation. We now know the Breton word 'kenavo' which means goodbye/see you soon. 

Our electrician also arrived in the afternoon and started work laying cables upstairs in the cottage. 

Our friend Mr Wagtail is still around. He doesn't seem phased by the cat, dog or all the work going on around. 

There's been a whole lot of banging and crashing going on today so clever Max kept out of the way, finding a nice warm stone to sleep on in the old well house. 

Of course Spencer stayed by our sides for most of the day except from time to time sneaking off to enjoy the company of the roofers who made a great fuss of him. 


Maggie xx


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  3. Good thing they laid those tarps! I see you got some "roofing spam" above. LOL!


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