Thursday, 25 June 2015

Mr Wagtail

Thursday 25th June

After a lovely porridge breakfast al fresco...

...I spent the day sorting the cottage kitchen whilst Chris made a start on strimming some of the long grass. 

Of course we took regular tea breaks...

....usually accompanied by a furry friend!

The kitchen really was in chaos!

We have a new friend.....Mr Wagtail who likes to visit us whilst we're having our tea!

This time we brought Chris's bike and after a bit of tic, he was riding around with Spencer barking and zooming alongside. 

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. I have never seen a wagtail at our property though I have seen them around. Looks like the grass is looking better. Take care Diane

  2. It's looking more and more like home!

  3. I love your outside dining area. I would love to do that but not today.....we have heat might reach 100 degrees F...ahh! So grateful for the ac although it seems a shame to have to stay in during the summer! It's so comfortable looking there and I can't wait to see what you do this visit. Enjoy!


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