Sunday, 28 June 2015

Preparing for the Workmen

Sunday 28th June

Some preparation to do today as our roofers and electrician are arriving tomorrow morning. The farmhouse roof is being replaced and the cottage is being rewired. 

We've moved some stuff around and relocated Harvey J to the side of the barn so the roofers have room for their lorries, scaffolding, materials. etc. We're not sure how much disruption will be caused by the rewire but we're prepared to move back into Harvey J for the next two weeks if need be. 

In between chores, there's always time for a pot of tea....using the beautiful and oh so cute tea cosy that my Mum knitted for me. 

A nice surprise after lunch... Our friend and neighbour Henri popped by to see us. So lovely to see him again. 

Chris cleared a lot of junk from the first floor of the farmhouse and I took the opportunity to take some photos whilst we were up there. 

Photos of the current roof. 

Chris had strimmed the front of the farmhouse. The grass had been so high there.

The cottage kitchen is looking so pretty now!

Lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx


  1. The kitchen looks very nice! That farmhouse is so beautiful. If only those old walls could talk, such stories they could tell!

  2. I just realized that I'm confused. Is there a cottage AND a farmhouse? It all looks so lovely. I wish the walls could talk (but then they'd speak French and I'd need you to translate!)
    The tea cozy your mum made is absolutely darling! I love it!

  3. Exciting progress coming right up! And LOVE that tea cozy!

  4. Oh my! You are moving right along with your updates. So exciting to see your kitchen and your tea cozy is adorable!

  5. Your kitchen does look charming. All that hard work you did of scrubbing and painting really paid off. And a new roof and wiring! That will be exciting. I know those things don't show so much, but they will be improvements you and Chris will certainly appreciate.

  6. Ah I enjoy reading updates on your cottage in Brittany :)
    And I love how the kitchen turned out, great job!!

  7. Looking good and I like seeing the inside photos. You have quite a few rooms. Keep up the good work Diane

  8. I adore that tea cozy! Cutest I've ever seen! How exciting (and expensive too I imagine) for a new roof and new wiring. It is really a big farmhouse! The kitchen is so cute and cozy. You make everywhere you go a homey environment. I would hire you for my decorator!


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