Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Roofing Work Starts

The day started with Chris finding this beautiful frog!

So the roofers have arrived. They are amazingly agile! There's me trying to work out how they were going to get up to the top of the scaffolding and they just swung themselves up there! And then they stand up on the roof!

In the morning our friend Henri arrived with a lovely box of fresh veggies. Delicious lettuce, new potatoes, spring onions and artichokes. Never cooked artichokes before!

Henri took Chris to a place nearby to get his strimmer fixed. They were back after an hour or so and Henri then returned home. Chris was really pleased as the family business they had visited had been very helpful and had fixed his strimmer then and there for a very reasonable price. It's wonderful to have good neighbours like Henri to introduce us to these local businesses. 

So the roofers' task today was to remove the old felt shingle tiles using shovels. They seemed to have no fear!

Later on in the morning, a lorry arrived with our tiles. 

The lorry had a sophisticated crane on it that lifted the pallets of tiles. 

It turned out to be an extremely hot day with temperatures reaching over 30 degrees. I felt sorry for the roofers as they told me it was even hotter up on the roof. I kept them supplied with cold drinks and biscuits. 

After lunch there was a bit of confusion about the waterproof membrane that goes beneath the tiles. The roofing boss arrived and it was all sorted. 

The roofers worked very hard and, by the end of the day, the felt shingles had been removed and all taken to the recycling centre. 

The roofers returned to cover the exposed woodwork with tarpaulins just in case it rained overnight. With the heatwave we were experiencing, I thought it probably wasn't necessary but I was to be proved wrong!

The guard rails left open...health and safety!

After all that hard work, time for me to have a quiet moment in the hammock!

Chris decided to do some strimming. 

Thanks for visiting! 

Maggie xx


  1. Hope the weather stays dry for your roofers, so much easier. Love artichokes but my husband is not very impressed though he does eat them. All the best Diane x

  2. I've had several "roof" put on (not by me) and I remember one was really hot and I did the same...lots of iced tea and refreshments so no one got heat stroke and then guess who got heat exhaustion? MOI!
    I love artichokes....yum! I think you will like them especially if you dip the leaves in salted melted butter!
    You have amazing neighbors...so kind and generous.


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