Monday, 20 July 2015

Shopping and Barbeque

Sunday 5th July 

We'd been invited to a barbeque this evening. Gail and Rod were picking us up at 6pm. We had planned to go shopping and do laundry at Scaer this morning. Something we had wanted to do yesterday but hadn't realised the roofers would be working on a Saturday. We thought we'd better check the Sunday opening times. Good thing we did as the Le Clercs at Scaer was closed. Luckily the Intermarche at Gourin is open on Sunday mornings so we went there instead. 

We came back, had lunch and a bit of hammock time. 

Then spruced ourselves up ready for the barbeque. We had a lovely evening sitting in a sunny garden chatting to some great new friends. 

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx

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