Thursday, 30 July 2015

Work on the Front Roof Begins

Friday 10th July

So the scaffolding has now been assembled at the front of the farmhouse. 

The men were busy removing the old felt shingle tiles today. 

The front roof is much higher than the back but it didn't seem to worry them. 

The front of the farmhouse is in disarray!

It was difficult to get photos of the work on the roof but I took a few from a distance. 

We could just see their ladders peeping over the top. 

Spencer and Max accompanied me as usual. 

I like this photo but it's a bit of a Princess Diana moment! 

The sun had really made the wheat and barley turn golden. 

The electrician was here today installing the sockets in the cottage kitchen so I kept out of the way!

Everyone was gone by 5pm today which worked out well for us as we needed to go to Scaer launderette. When we went there a couple of days ago the machines were out of order. Luckily this time they were working and we spent an hour and a half day in Harvey J whilst our laundry washed and dried at the garage forecourt launderette. We put the radio on and French radio were playing 'pre-Friday-night-out' music. It passed the time nicely and they played some old school tracks incuding Vanessa Paradis's Joe the Taxi. 

We were hot and tired by the time we got home again so had a quick pizza and chips supper. At least we have clean clothes now!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. Wow! It's really happening, right? Things are progressing quickly! Your dress is cute! I'm glad Chris sits down to drink lemonade (or whatever!) every now and then! I love Max. He's smart!

  2. So glad you have clean clothes again! LOL! With my dryer broke and no money to fix it ($400.00 for the HE models...never's a "mother board" all computerized! I could buy a new one for that price and I just might but the old fashioned ones). Anyway, I have to stay on top of the laundry and having just had guests, I've been doing a load a day every day.
    You look so pretty in your dress and of course Spencer is so handsome.....oh, and Chris too! LOL!


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