Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Change is as Good as a Rest

Monday 3rd August 

A very drizzly day today. 

We had decided to move the bed to one of the upstairs bedrooms now that the roof had been completed. 

So goodbye bedsitting room.... was good whilst it lasted.......

......but now it's time to move on.....

The rooms upstairs haven't been renovated yet but we cleared the back room then dusted, swept and vacuumed until we were happy with it as a sleeping space. 

Now we have a spacious living room....

....and a cosy bedroom. 

Jacques popped by after lunch to measure up for fitting the woodburner. We arranged for the work to be done at the end of August. He said it was difficult to get the materials before then as everyone is on holiday in August. He stayed for a quick coffee and I took the opportunity to practise my French on the poor man! Chatting about dogs, cats and mice in the wall!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. Very nice. I'm sure you feel good having a semi-proper bedroom. How are the pets with the stairs?

  2. How nice to have a bedroom that is really a bedroom and now you have a nice sitting room too. Lovely light in that bedroom. Too bad about the wood burner after Chris undid all his hard work on the wall. Well, August is almost over.


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