Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Barbie's Hair

Friday 14th August. 

We awoke to torrential rain!

The electrician arrived early and finished off a few tasks during the morning. 

We debated about going shopping but decided to leave it until tomorrow. A decision we would regret!

It was such a miserable rainy day and rather than being stuck indoors, we decided to don our waterproofs and wellies and take Spencer for a walk along a track nearby. 

We kept him on the lead for the first part as there were some very curious cows in the field along the track and last time Spencer had spooked them. 

This time they followed us right along the track. 

This girl looked like she was ready to give birth. 

We walked on a bit further where Spencer could be let off the lead for a while. 

We then reached a field of maize. 

I'd never seen these flowers on the maize before. 

They look like doll's hair!

Maybe Barbie!

We then headed home. 

Chris found this unusual beetle, sadly with a back leg missing. It was at least an inch and a half long. 

I made a savoury bake for tea using the marrow Henri had given us and some Bolognaise sauce. It was tasty and a good way to make marrow a bit more interesting. 

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. Oh you're so funny -- corn silks do look a little like doll's hair I guess. A damp day, but looks like you had fun anyway. Pretty cows.

  2. Is that the cottage in the lower photos? That's a different view than I remember seeing – a nice one!

  3. I like the way cows will sometimes follow you...we played a game of "Granmother's Footsteps" with a herd once - every time we stopped to look at them they all stood very still, then followed us when we turned and walked away!! You have been so busy it puts me to shame! I'm lazing around doing not very much!

  4. We have had a lot of rain the last few days, well done you for going out despite the rain!! xx

  5. I admire you for going out in the rain. I would have stayed in curled up crocheting or sewing. I need to get back walking but it's been so hot here and when it isn't I'm out working in the yard. What a great place to walk. I've not sen corn silk like looking. I love cows..that's so funny how they followed you! LOL!

  6. I believe your beetle friend may be a capricorne beetle - very destructive of old wood, so beware if they get into your timbers! Love the homeliness and joy of your blog.


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