Sunday, 9 August 2015

Decisions Decisions

Saturday 25th July

We couldn't decide what to do today. It was the weekend and we were still getting used to not having the workmen around the place. 

We had some options.......a Fete at the nearby aerodrome with flying displays, the Fete du Crepes at Gourin, an historic exhibition in the local village hall, shopping for washing machines or staying at home!

I actually think we were too tired to make a decision! After much discussion, we decided we would go to the local exhibition after lunch. 

Before lunch Chris constructed a temporary stand for my pots of herbs. 

Lunch came and went and before we knew it it was 3.30pm. Chris looked doubtful about wanting to go out. I said we should at least pop down the road to support the local exhibition. We did go in the end. It was really interesting and we got to meet a couple of the local people who were running it. 

Afterwards we went to the nearby town of Scaer to do our laundry and then had a delicious dinner at the pizzeria there. A little celebration for the completion of our roof. After all we had missed out on our lunch out yesterday. 

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Maggie xx

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  1. What a great day you had although I understand about wanting to stay home. When my daughter was here she wanted to go to Mammoth State Park and I did go but was reticent. But after I got out and about I was really happy I went. Congratulations to all who made your beautiful roof and you deserve to celebrate it!


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