Thursday, 13 August 2015

Four DIY Stores in One Week

Tuesday 4th August 

Today I spent time cleaning as the change in rooms yesterday had created a lot of dust and much grass and mud had been tramped indoors. 

Later in the day I baked some ginger fairlings. 

Chris got stuck into making a cover for the well to make it safe and secure.


Wednesday 5th August 

From the cottage bedroom window I could see a beautiful sunrise this morning. 

This pic shows the three crops in the field next door....maize, barley and wheat. 

We went out and popped in on our friend Henri. We said Bonjour to his wife and two young grandsons. I gave them a plant and some ginger fairlings. Henri cut me some artichoke flowers and dug us some potatoes. 

He also gave us some fresh beans which we had for tea later. 

We then went to Quimper with a long list of things to buy/investigate at the DIY stores there. We managed to get some of it and came back with some ideas too....mainly about the wall in the downstairs toilet and the sink unit in the cottage kitchen. 

Thursday 6th August 

Today I gave the kitchen wall its third coat of paint. 

Chris worked on the wall in the downstairs toilet. It needs replacing so that the hand basin may be fixed on the wall. 

Here you can see the stone wall revealed. 

Time for a cuppa!

Friday 7th August 

We went grocery shopping in Gourin followed by a quick visit to the notaire's office and the post office. We saw our lovely roofers working up on the town's pizzeria. We then went into Carhaix Plougher to check out Monsieur Bricolage DIY store and then into Brico Marche. Chris managed to get the panels and wood he required for the wall. I did a lot of mooching and looking at kitchen sinks. 

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. These ginger fairlings look yummie! I think I should do some baking myself over the weekend... :)
    I love that you post so often here. I usually check out my favourite blogs in the AM before work so now every time I look into my feed I've got your wonderful blog posts waiting to be read, such a lovely way to start my day!
    Oh and one last question from the cuppa newbie: MIF or TIF and which kind of black tea do you prefer?

  2. That sure is a lot of DIY shop shopping! Your biscuits look delicious! xx

  3. I'm back from my 6 weeks in the Uk and I've enjoyed catching up on what you've been doing. You have been really busy (as have the roofers!) and your farmhouse & cottage look lovely. I hope to get back to blogging in the next couple of days so I hope you'll pop in. One of my resolutions (which probably won't last long!) is to try to do a bit more baking of biscuits/cakes and not buy so many. Your ginger fairings are an inspiration!!

  4. You certainly get a lot done, Maggie!

  5. Are Ginger Fairlings like ginger snaps? On to your next projects! Are they ever done when you're a homeowner?


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