Saturday, 8 August 2015

Goodbye to the Roofers

Thursday 23rd July 

This morning I sanded the polyfilla and washed the kitchen wall I had prepared yesterday. I gave it its first coat of white paint. 

You can just see one of our lovely roofers through the window at the back.

noticed they were clearing up. I asked them if they were finishing today and yes they were. I felt a little sad about this. They've been here for almost 4 weeks and have become part of the scenery in the nicest possible way. They've been so hard working, polite and unobtrusive. I've enjoyed making them coffees and squashes and giving them biscuits. I'm going to miss them!

Chris had made a start on sanding the farmhouse back door. 

By late morning the scaffolding was down. 

 When the roofers returned from lunch, apart from finishing touches to the guttering, they were doing the final rubbish clearance. 

Chris and I both felt a bit strange about them leaving anytime soon and found it difficult to settle to anything. 

In the end I gave the kitchen wall another coat of paint.....

....whilst Chris cut down a gorse bush that had been intruding into the driveway. 

We knew the roofers were nearly done when their boss arrived to check the job. He had a chat with us to make sure we were happy with everything. We were and we made sure he knew we were very impressed by his workforce. He told us they had said similar complimentary things about us and that we had been very nice to work for. 

The roofing boss left. We offered the roofers a homemade damson gin but they preferred to have a coffee as they were straight off to help on another job. So with coffee for them and damson gin for us, we toasted the new roof and their hard work. We then thanked them, shook hands and off they went. 

I felt a little strange for a while. I suppose I'd got used to the routine of them arriving at 7.45am and being here all day working so hard. However a couple of hours passed and I started thinking how lovely it would be to have the place back to ourselves again and no 6.45am alarm!

After dinner we cut back some of the overgrown laurels that had seeded at the front of the farmhouse. We hadn't been able to get out there with the scaffolding and roofing materials all over.

Everything's getting very overgrown!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. How wonderful to have the roof made new and rain proof, and what a great experience with the roofers. Also the painting in the kitchen and the new wiring. The renovation continues to be a source of interest.

  2. It is an excellent testament to the workforce that you enjoyed their presence so! And I'm sure your home-baked goodies were a treat for them!

  3. Our roofer was a one man job with an occasional helper when things got difficult. I was very sad when he finished as we had an aperitif every day after work :-) Keep well Diane

  4. What a nice relationship you had with your workman and I'm sure you were very nice to work for too.Oh, the white paint looks so fresh and "cottagy"! LOL! It's going to so cozy and it already is. You guys are great visionaries!

  5. Oh, BTW.....we had so much rain this year and then it got really hot so my yard got away from me and my son came down with his girlfriend and they worked their butts off and then 3 days later my daughter came and she helped with the finishing. They cleaned up my whole yard and I think I can keep a handle on it now. I had tried not using any chemicals on my yard but I got poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak climbing all over my house and yard! Never again!

  6. No one realizes how much goes into a roof installation until they have one done or see one in progress. The workers have to be very focused on what they are doing because if they leave any gaps, then water can possibly seep in and cause damage. Overall, I think they did a wonderful job!

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof


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