Thursday, 13 August 2015

Hole in the Wall

Friday 31st July

So Chris was up bright and early to tackle reinstating the hole in the wall for the woodburner flue. He started by drilling holes around the perimeter. 

My new cooker was looking very smart in place in the cottage kitchen. 

Chris wasn't sure if he'd need to get another drill bit for the hole so we thought we'd wait and see and then if we needed to go out we could also get the new plumbing bits for the washing machine. 

I decided to plant some herbs. I'd brought various packets of seeds from England including various flowering plants. It was too late to plant these now but I though I might have a chance with some herbs. 

I also found a rhubarb crown that my sister Clare had given me. I planted it in a pot for the moment as it would only get lost in the undergrowth here.

I also planted some basil, lemon basil, dill and coriander. 

A little bit of hammock time after lunch. 

Poor Chris was still hacking away at the wall. 

Mid afternoon and our friend Henri arrived. I showed him our new washing machine and cooker. He said we needed an electrician for the oven. He had a look at the plumbing for the washing machine and offered to take Chris to the local builders merchants to get the new bits.

Off they went and I spent some time picking up the old bits of roofing felt from the front garden whilst also throwing the ball for Spencer. 

He lost it a couple of times and I helped him search for it which made for a great photo opportunity. 

Chris and Henri returned with the plumbing parts needed. They fixed the problem and now I have a fully working washing machine! Hooray!

Chris returned to the hole in the wall and soon informed me that the hole was finished. I rang Jacques and he said he'd call by on Monday to give us the quote. 

Later in the evening we could see a combine harvester in the fields nearby. 

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Maggie xx


  1. New appliances! You must feel like you are living in luxury now!

  2. So good to have a working washing machine! Hope that the oven is working by now too. xx

  3. Yay!!!! A washing machine! A working washing machine. What a great neighbor that Henri is!


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