Sunday, 23 August 2015

Life on Mars

Sunday 9th August 

Another beautiful day.....what a lovely weekend!

I sanded and washed the kitchen walls. It was hard work due to the wood panelling which had gathered lots of dust. 

I then painted the end wall whist Chris was still tackling the downstairs toilet wall. 

We had a brief visit from Henri late morning to give us his copy of Central Brittany Journal. He likes to tell me that I should set up a restaurant over here for the 'English people' and there was an advert in the Journal relating to that. 

Chris had found a way of playing music from his computer via the TV. He made a playlist of music from the 1970s as we had just finished watching the TV series Life on Mars which is set in the 1970s and has a nostalgic soundtrack. The playlist included Elton John's Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting, David Bowie's Jean Genie, Queen's Killer Queen and Sweet's Ballroom Blitz. 

It was the first time that I realised that we could have music playing loud enough to be heard outside but it wouldn't disturb anyone else.

There were no neighbours near enough to hear it. 

Not that I'd want to be playing music all the time though. I love the peace and serenity we have here but the right music playing in the background really suits the mood sometimes. 

Late afternoon and I made a couple of lasagnes which turned out really tasty. I use a Jamie Oliver Bolognaise recipe which includes sun dried tomatoes and bacon. 

We can still see you Max!!

In the evening I cut down some brambles by the side of the pond whilst throwing the ball for Spencer. 

Thank you for popping by!

Maggie xx

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  1. in the country. I used to do the same thing with playing music while I worked close to the house. I lived alone (per usual) and would even listen to books on tape while working. As a matter of fact I still do! LOL!


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