Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Little Luxuries

Sunday 26th to Wednesday 29th July 

The next few days have kind of merged into one. 

We've spent a lot of time cutting and clearing vegetation from around the pond area. 

I started by clearing some brambles to create a path that leads under an old tree along the side of the barn. I like the idea of a romantic walkway here with a shady seat. 

I made good progress and now we can walk through here. 

The weather hasn't been great with plenty of rain and most of my washing was still hanging on the line waiting for some sunshine. Luckily most of it was dry by Monday evening. 

Chris has cut back lots of saplings in and around the pond whilst I've been clearing the vegetation either by dragging large branches or using the wheelbarrow. 

It has made a real difference and we can now see the front of the farmhouse from the road. 

Max and Spencer enjoyed a spot of sunshine whilst it lasted. 

On Wednesday we visited the local roofing firm to pay our bill. After a glass of rose and a nice chat with the boss and his lovely wife, we went to the local creperie for a plat du jour. 

The last couple of days have also seen us go grocery shopping, pop to the town of Carhaix Plougher to purchase a washing machine and cooker as well as discover the shop Gifi which we found similar to The Range in England. 

Oh and I mustn't forget ..... we now have a toilet roll holder.....hooray for little luxuries!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. Your Brittany adventures (and hard work of course) enthrall me!!! The house looks quite big. Oh! and I like your coffee pot cosy!!! :-)

    keep well

    Amanda x

  2. Wow, you have made a difference! You must be so excited to be able to see the front of the house like that! xx

  3. You are working so hard, it makes me feel rather slothful. What is that stripey vegetable in the first photo? Looks interesting. I really like the picture of Chris working under the tree -- looks like it could have been taken many years ago.

  4. What progress you guys make! Do you hire out? LOL! It does look like a little arbor now that you've cleared it out. Such a great old place and you are making it so beautiful and homey!

  5. P.S. What is The Range and what is a cooker? A stove?


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