Monday, 31 August 2015

Lucky Horse Shoe

Monday 17th August 

It was a gorgeous day today. 

I spent some time scraping the paint off the tiled skirting board and cleaning the floors tiles around the edge of the floor. 

I washed all of Spencer's toys and hung them out to dry. 

Nice and fresh and clean!

Beautiful blue skies today. 

I took some hammock time after lunch. 

Chris and the electrician spent most of the day digging a trench for the copper earth. 

It proved to be a tricky task as they found the first 18 inches was gravel before reaching the soil. In the end they filled the trench with soil from near the pond. Apparently the copper wire must be surrounded by soil as gravel doesn't conduct electricity. 

After tea I dug a small border outside the cottage. I had some Monarda plants in pots that needed to be planted in the ground. 

Hey presto.....I have my first little flower garden!

Max seemed to approve. 

When Chris had been digging near the pond earlier he had found this charming old horse shoe.....back from the days when the house was an inn and the horses were tied up outside?

Thank you for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. Hope it is lucky for you, it looks like it has been around a long time. Love the toys hung up :-) Take care Diane

  2. The trench looks like it was a LOT of work. I know you must be pleased to be able to plant the flowers. Maybe next year they will draw some butterflies and bees. Spencer's toys are cute -- Alfie can't have plush toys as he destroys them in record time.

  3. Too cute.....Spencer's toys all hung up! Miss Peeps has taken over all the toys but the other girls don't seem to mind. I love your little border!


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