Wednesday, 12 August 2015

New Appliances!

Thursday 30th July 

Today our washing machine and cooker were being delivered but not until late afternoon. 

It was a lovely sunny day and not too hot. 

There was a gentle breeze blowing though the cottage. 

We spent the day cutting and clearing more vegetation and in the afternoon, moving the old cooker to the dechetterie pile leaving space in the kitchen for the new one. 

We've moved the wooden table and chairs to the front of the house so we can have a cuppa there.

The roofing firm had told us of someone who fitted woodburners as we hadn't had any luck so far in finding someone locally. They had recommended Jacques who arrived a 6.30pm as arranged to give us some advice. He said it would be possible to put a flue up the farmhouse chimney. This would mean cutting a hole in the cottage /farmhouse party wall....the hole that Chris had blocked up last time! Jacques told us to give him a ring once the hole had been reinstated and he would come back and give us a quote. Oh no....the dreaded conversation in French on the telephone! I politely asked him to speak slowly when I rang him. He found this amusing and said he would just say 'Je reviens' when I called!

As soon as Jacques had left, our washing machine and cooker arrived. Hooray! Chris connected the gas bottle to the hob but was flummoxed by the electric connection for the oven (we found out later that we needed an electrician). So no oven for me yet!

Chris turned his attention to the washing machine and all seemed well until water started spurting from the cold water connection under the sink. Seemed we needed some new plumbing bits and bobs!

Ah well.... I have a new washing machine and cooker...... just can't use them yet!

It's been lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx


  1. Gosh things are looking up, you will not want to leave here ever again!!! Diane

  2. Oh, how frustrating to have conveniences so near and yet so far, so to speak!

  3. Ha, never underestimate the luxury of having your own washing machine ;)
    And I love the little wooden chairs and table, their country-style goes perfectly with your new country home :)
    Thanks for keeping us updated and sharing all those lovely stories and pictures with us!

  4. Aggghhh!!! So near and yet so far in so many ways! I hope that you are all hooked up and fixed up very soon! New appliances and the new fire will make such a difference to your life in France I am sure. xx

  5. Poor Chris...he tried and I am amazed at what he does and has done. He's a gem! You don't get bugs in the house when you have no screen doors? We have so many bugs down here. Your little table and chairs look so French! Can't wait until you have your stove and washer.


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