Saturday, 8 August 2015

Polyfilla Patchwork and Pastry

Wednesday 22nd July 

As the electrician had finished his work until he comes back from holiday in a couple of weeks, I decided to start decorating the walls of the kitchen....the opposite side from the cupboards. 

There were lots of small holes in the wooden panelling so I filled them with polyfilla and Chris knocked in some protruding nails. The polyfilla needs to dry overnight so I will be able to start painting tomorrow. 

The new front roof is difficult to see with all the trees in leaf at the moment. 

The roofers are on the last stretch now and have finished the tiling on the cottage roof today as well as fitting the new Velux window. 

I don't mind the mess but it will be nice to step out into grass again!

The last Velux window fitted. 

I spent the afternoon making some more blocks for my scrappy quilt. I'm pretty sure I have enough blocks to complete my quilt. 

I made a chicken, chorizo and mushroom pie for tea and had some pastry left over so made some (rustic) tarts with apricot jam. 

It's been lovely to have you here!

Maggie xx

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  1. Love the quilt blocks and once your roof is done you will have that mess gone in a heart beat. Painting! Yes! I love the decorating part. I'm painting the trim around the front door and also a shed but I am going from white to dark brown so it will take several coats. Great idea the rustic tarts with the leftover pastry.


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