Thursday, 6 August 2015

Spencer Makes a Splash

Saturday 18th July 

The roofers weren't working today and our electrician had gone on holiday for three weeks so we had the place to ourselves. We got up in a leisurely manner and tested out the shower in the cottage bathroom. Lots and lots of hot running water!

We had grocery shopping to do so we drove to Scaer. We walked Soencer along the Voie Verte .....this is a big potato patch we see each time. 

The view from the bridge. 

The old railway bridge is in the background. 

Spencer had a great time swimming. 

He made a big splash!

We bought a shower attachment, curtain and rail from the supermarket which Chris promptly fixed up when we got back. 

He had already rigged up a tarpaulin on the wall to stop the water penetrating where the tiles have fallen off. I know this looks a bit rough but it's pure luxury for us!

One of the greatest pleasures of this project is that each improvement however small can make such a difference. This makes me appreciate every little change and its wonderful to see the cottage gradually becoming a home.  

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Maggie xx


  1. Hot showers are luxury I do not take for granted, and full-sized showers are even nicer! So glad you are enjoying the improvements -- and have a break from the construction chaos. ;-)

  2. Wow, there is really a lot going on at your French new home :) And it's always great to see new pictures of Spencer. Oh, I'm so in love with him, he's such a cute doggy!!

  3. A good shower is never to be taken for granted. Wonderful pictures of all of you. Such a lovely area.

  4. Good job Chris for "tarping" the shower. You guys deserve hot water and a nice shower/'ve both worked so hard and stayed so upbeat. Bless you both. Love to see Spencer swimming!


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