Sunday, 2 August 2015

Take It Easy Sunday

Sunday 12th July

We were woken up early by scuttling noises along the skirting board behind our bed. Having realised we had some mousey residents, we then dozed off again and got up quite late for us. 

With no roofers or electrician, we spent most of the day taking things easy. I took some photos. 

The front of the farmhouse in disarray....

Boy that scaffolding is high!

Of course Chris found some time for some strimming.....

Chris strimmed under the washing line.....

....and fixed a leaky water pipe.

The barley and wheat have turned really golden. 

Even thistles can be beautiful....

The good thing about brambles is...

....the blackberries!

It's been lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx 


  1. We have a lot of blackberry brambles here, too; they will take over if not actively resisted!

  2. Sounds like a nice relaxing day - apart from the mice that is! xx

  3. Great set of photos.Like the picture of the speckled wood butterfly. Keep well Diane

  4. I bet Chris's hands buzz since he's doing all that strimming!
    Oh my goodness! Max looks so cuddly. I wish I could hold him.

  5. Not sure I could have gone back to sleep with mice in the not like them at all. Oh, I forgot to tell you how cute that little measuring tea cup was....darling! The wheat is beautiful...I love farms. Chris does amazing work with just that strimmer! Lazy, hazy days of summer.


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