Friday, 28 August 2015

The One that Escaped our Notice

Saturday 15th August

Today we made our somewhat regular trip to Scaer. 

We went for a nice walk along the Voie Verte. 

The fields with their bales looked beautiful. 

Spencer enjoyed a swim in the river as always. 

We ate lunch in Harvey J. 

The plan was then to go grocery shopping. We visited three supermarkets in Scaer and Gourin and found them all closed in addition to Gourin seeming like a ghost town. We realised today must be a French holiday that had escaped our notice. 

We found out later on that it was the religious holiday for the Assumption. 

Luckily we had enough food to see us through the weekend......just no fruit or coffee!

We went home and did some gardening with thoughts of delicious family feasts occurring in French homes across the land!

It's been lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx!


  1. Aw! Too bad you weren't ready to have a family feast of your own. No coffee? Ack!

  2. That would be a hazard to being in a foreign land – not knowing the holidays!

  3. No coffee????? Oh, that is not good....I would have had to go back to bed! LOL! I would be pounding on neighbors doors...I have to have my coffee. I can only pray that you weren't totally out. Assumption Day...who knew?


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