Friday, 7 August 2015

The Right Flour

Tuesday 21st July

A warm and sunny day today and after some housework, I spent the morning baking....oat and linseed bread.....

....and cherry and lemon rock cakes. 

The rock cakes turned out more like buns. I'm not sure if that was the French flour I'd used. Although I'd made sure it was the equivalent of self raising flour....farine a gateaux avec poudre levante. 

Anyway the 'buns' tasted good!

At lunchtime I had a look at what the roofers had been doing today. 

The old tin roof, the felt shingle tiles and the old Velux had been removed.  

Some rotten wood had been replaced. 

It'll be nice to be able to step out of the cottage door again! 

In the afternoon I enjoyed sewing some more of my scrappy quilt. 

At the end of the day, the roofers had started tiling and the guttering was up. 

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. The bread looks very good. Could you send me the recipe?

  2. Yummy goodness! I made bread today but I messed up somehow and it didn't rise very much....I think I might have not put enough yeast in it. My mind does tend to wander sometimes! LOL! But it's still edible and good. The cherry and lemon rock cakes look tasty and what a gorgeous loaf of bread. The roof is coming to completion! TaDah!
    Your quilt is looking wonderful. I so love your choice of fabrics and how you put them together.


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