Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Un Peu Chaotique

Tuesday 14th July to Friday 17th July 

Tuesday was Bastille Day although the the French don't call it that. We watched the parade on TV whilst Bob cooked us a delicious breakfast of bacon. eggs, baked beans and toast. 

We left around 12ish and drove straight home. The roads were quiet due to the bank holiday and it was an easy drive. 

We felt pretty tired all day due to the previous late night at the fireworks display. 

This week the roofers have been busy working on the front of the farmhouse. 

Because the roof is so high.......

....and the land in front is so overgrown, it's been difficult to take photos of the progress but by the end of the week the tiles were fitted, three Velux windows had been installed, the guttering had been put up and the ridge tiles had been placed and fixed. 

One of the roofers had made a wonderful job of cutting the tiles for the side of the house.....

The cottage has been in chaos all week.......

.....with the electrician working on cables in the hallway and downstairs toilet. 

Spencer and I have retreated into Harvey J whist it was too hectic......

....whilst Chris has been helping out with the electrics. I think both Chris and the electrician have leant some things from each other about electrics and carpentry!

We've had a couple of drizzly days although Thursday afternoon was baking hot. 

I made some bread and kept everyone supplied with drinks and biscuits. 

In preparation for the installation of our water heater on Friday, Chris had to remove and replace the chipboard wall in the downstairs toilet. 

It revealed the stone wall behind. 

The water heater was installed successfully......

......and yippee we now have hot water!! 

We can now use the shower in the upstairs bathroom......

.....and I can wash the dishes without having to boil the kettle!

We have found another resident.....handsome Mr Toad!

Amongst the chaos, we've still managed a civilised breakfast!

It's been so lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx

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  1. Holy canolli look at all those wires but progress can be messy...just ask me! LOL! So glad you have hot water and what a gorgeous bathroom that is upstairs. Marching on!


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