Monday, 24 August 2015

Waiting for the Storm

Wednesday 12th August 

With our electrician arriving at 9am and the weather forecast stormy later today, I left the chaos of the cottage to clear some more of the front garden. 

I dragged some cut branches out of the pond. 

I took the opportunity to take some photos from the pond. 

I then tackled some brambles on the far side of the pond. 

Yippee my coriander seeds have sprouted!

Later on I found it difficult to settle to anything as the cottage was in disarray because of the work being carried out by Chris and the electrician. 

The forecast storm didn't arrive until late evening so I relaxed in my hammock, caught up on some blogging, cleared vegetation and took photos. 

Chris spent the day helping the electrician and replacing some rotten panelling in the corner of the living room. 

Oh I nearly forgot! We now have an outside light!!

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. You've done SO much clearing; I think it's time to update your header photo to show your grand stone home looking cared for and loved!

  2. Wow, just catching up after a few days away from blogging, you have done masses!!!! How great that your oven is connected and working! You must be thrilled about that, the garden looks really good, you have cleared SO much! You must be very excited about it all! Glad you are enjoying it and some breaks too! xx

  3. What pond? Where? Is there no water in it? I was thinking that cistern would be a great place for some potted flowers or trailing and then around the base you could have a little herb garden? You've done a lot of work clearing and it is looking so nice.

  4. It's looking great. Looks like the pets are enjoying the weather and the outdoors.


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