Friday, 11 September 2015

Another Beastie!

Thursday 20th August

The barley where the deer were playing yesterday morning has now been cut and baled.

In the morning we popped round to Gail and Rods for a cup of coffee and a chat. We were also offered delicious homemade scones and Breton biscuits.

After lunch Chris found a salamander in the hole where the water meter is.

Apparently their skin is quite toxic and it's wise not to touch them.

I finished scraping the paint off of the skirting board tiles and also scrubbed the underside of the kitchen table and mopped the floor.

Somehow that Winnie the Pooh has crept into the next 3 pics!

Chris put Harvey J under the barn and made a start on fixing the step.....with Spencer’s help of course.

It's been lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx


  1. Your area and ours appear to have many parallels in flora and fauna, but our rough-skinned newts are not so colorful as your salamanders!

  2. Pretty salamander but I had no idea their skin was toxic. Spencer is so funny with his Pooh Bear! LOL! You guys get so much done...I 'm always motivated after visiting here.


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