Thursday, 10 September 2015

Celebrating at the Seaside

Wednesday 19th August

Today....the first anniversary of our French house purchase! 

It’s gone so quickly although it seems like quite a while ago that we were nervously sat in the notaires’ office, listening intently to his words before signing the sales contract. A year down the line and absolutely no regrets!

The first thing I did today was to check out how much of the field had been cut. I don’t think they could’ve worked much part midnight. 

We saw some deer making the most of the barley!

At the back of our barn, we found parked the huge combine harvester! 

To celebrate our first anniversary here, we planned to have a day at the sea. I packed a picnic and we drove to Ty Anker on the West coast. There was a beautiful beach there that we had visited last year. Rather a wild beach with caves and a tide that came racing in rather too quickly! 

We arrived and unfortunately the beach was closed due to algae. We were a little disappointed until we drove along the coast a little. As you might expect, we found another beach. One part was smooth sand with holiday makers taking part in various activities such as sand surfing and flying kites. Luckily there was a rougher part of the beach at one end which it seemed to be acceptable to take dogs on. After our picnic lunch, we went on the beach. 

We had a chat with a nice English couple from Bath whilst Spencer and their dog played together (actually they were trying to steal each other’s tennis balls!) 

The weather wasn’t the warmest and we had sprinkles of rain hence my fleece and headscarf! 

Very reminiscent of summer holidays in Britain! I even had a bit of an earache from the wind!

When we had had enough fresh air, we headed back to Harvey J. 

Chris went up the steep path to see the old German gun emplacements.

There were fantastic views from up there.

We then headed home. 

When we arrived back, the combine harvester had been in action whilst we were out. 

There was a tractor with a baler which I enjoyed watching. 

It then started to rain so the farmer packed up and left.

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Maggie xx


  1. A year already! And a good one as well, wasn't it?
    So glad for you it all worked out so terrific!
    Love from Mirjam.

  2. You have accomplished so much in a year and it looks like you are loving every minute!!! lol

  3. Wow! A year already? You've gotten a lot done in that time! Lovely photos of the beach and historic gun roost!


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