Thursday, 29 October 2015

A Pretty Stone Border

Sunday 30th August

We woke up to a very misty day but it soon cleared up and became warm and sunny.

At midday we went looking for our snake again. Chris walked out of the barn and straight past it. I saw it straight away and shouted out to warn him. We called Spencer out of the way as he was literally inches away from it.

The snake stayed still for a while and I could see its tiny tongue tasting the air. It must have sensed us as it then retreated into the undergrowth.

We made the most of the sunny weather having lunch outside, then on my hammock of course!

A bit later on I tackled some more of those bramble roots...they were hard work and it was very hot.

Chris moved some planks of wood in the farmhouse as he wanted to retrieve a 6 metre beam for repairing the barn.

I had found lots of smallish stones along the side of the house so I collected some to edge my little flower border.

We had a cup of tea late afternoon. By now the weather was very warm and close and trying to rain.

We had a text saying that our woodburner would be fitted tomorrow so Chris cleared underneath the chimney breast ready for the flue to be installed. I insisted he wore his hard hat!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. Max is so cuddly. I wish I could hold him. Your tea cozy is darling. I'm glad you take breaks from all the hard work.

  2. Have you figured out what kind of snake it is that you have. I'd be a little (lot) concerned as to whether it is poisonous or not, and getting rid of it if it is!!! I love the tea cosy! Is the wood burner going in the part of the house that you aren't using at the moment?

  3. Are you itching to be back in France? I smiled when I saw your comment about the hammock. I know you love having it!

  4. Did you go home and come back as I thought in August you said you were going back to England? Anyway, yes, you must find out about the snake....too close for comfort if it's poisonous although there might be a food source (mice?) close by and if it's not poisonous that could be a free "mouser" besides Max.
    A woodburner? How cool! I love a fireplace/'s a requirement for me! LOL! I too love your tea cozy. Did you make it?


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