Monday, 23 November 2015

The Dog that thinks he's a Goat

Sunday 22nd November 

A gorgeous sunny autumnal day today. After shopping at Carhaix yesterday, today I did some laundry, moved the goats to a sunny spot and planted bulbs whilst Chris chopped and split wood. The tranquility of the day was only marred slightly by the pounding beat of a rave being held beneath one of the windmills. It continued from last night until late this afternoon. Something good came out of it though as I took Spencer for a walk to investigate and met a neighbouring farmer, Pierre, along the way. I introduced myself and we had a nice chat in French. I love to meet and converse with our neighbours and it gave me a confidence boost. 

Pierre's cows near the rave. 

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. Hi Maggie! I love the photo of the laundry hanging on the line. Spencer is cuter than the goats. I like goats, though!

  2. Spencer does kind of blend in well with the goats. I bet he's sweeter though!

  3. Spencer gets along well with the goats it looks like. They haven't tried to "butt" anyone yet? Is a Rave a teenage party? I'm so "out of it" at my age. I love your dish drainer. I just heard the other day that they are so efficient as they used to hang them over the sink to drain but they were used for storage too and plus they are so decorative. So much nicer than our plastic dish drainers.


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