Sunday, 6 December 2015

Pommiers et Poiriers

Saturday 5th December

We went to the pépinière (nursery) at Tourch this morning. Our friend Henri took us there via the back roads. We'd been given two apples trees (to buy) as a gift from a friend in England and today I wanted to choose them. The man at the pépinière was very helpful and we bought a Coxs Orange Pippin and a Great Alexander which is good for baking. We also bought two William pear trees. When we got home we realised that we should have bought two different varieties of pear for the best pollination. Never mind, we'll pop back there again some time and get a third tree. 
In the afternoon we managed to plant all four trees....Chris did the digging whilst I held the tree straight! The apple trees are in the grassy area behind the pond. The idea is that in years to come we will see the blossom from the farmhouse windows. We planted the pear trees in the bottom right corner. 

Lovely to see you here!

Maggie xx


  1. I hope the little goaties don't strip the bark of the new fruit trees!

  2. Those goats are so cute! Are those full size apple trees or dwarf? Good for you getting your orchard going. Why are you filling in the pond? You don't want It? Over here people are building them all the time! LOL!


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