Friday, 22 April 2016

A Farmer's Work is never done

Wednesday 20th April 2016

I took my shower as usual this morning and halfway through, when I was covered in shower gel, I was plunged into darkness! The electric was off for some reason. There are no windows in our bathroom so I had to finish my shower in the dark. 
Chris was outside checking that ERDF had not turned off our electricity at the meter. Our electrician had arranged for a 6 month extension to our temporary connection. Had there possibly been a misunderstanding or mix up? 
Luckily not. It was just a power cut. We didn't know the reason for the cut but there were ERDF vans up and down the lane so we felt reassured that it was being sorted out. 

Our neighbour, Georges, had told us that he would be working in the fields today. He had said to me not to put the washing out as there would be fumes. I hadn't quite understood what fumes these would be but now I did. He was muck spreading. Lovely countryside smells!

He started the work at around 9 in the morning. He didn't stop until 10 in the evening. Now that's a long day's work. 

Having been warned about the fumes, we headed off mid morning for the DIY store, Castorama, in Quimper. It was a good trip and we bought 'multi couche' insulation (multiple layers of foam and metallic sheets), a new dustbin and browsed the 'lambris' (wood panelling) as that's what we hope to use as a covering for the bedroom ceiling. 
We had a McDonald's for lunch and used their free wifi. We got home about 4. We could see Georges' tractor making tracks in the field. He indicated to us that there was still lots of muck left in the heap!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx!


  1. If our electricity goes down, we quickly lose water as well. At least you could finish your shower!

  2. You guys are good at remaining flexible.

  3. We quite often get power cuts - you might want to invest in a circuit breaker if you have a permanent computer. We particularly get them in high winds, thunderstorms, or for no particular reason!!

  4. Our power goes off on sunny days with no wind....go figure. Glad they were "right on it" to fix it and with the "fumes" too you were smart to go shopping! At least it's natural fumes and not chemicals!


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