Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Car Boot Sale Bargain

Sunday 17th April 2016

Today we drove to the nearby town of Scaer. There was an indoor car boot sale on in the Halle des Sports. In France a car boot sale is called a vide grenier which translates as 'empty attic'. The hall was full of stalls. We had a good browse and it was a friendly atmosphere. We bought a Duplo castle for when our grandson Charlie comes to visit in the summer. The young lad selling it, who was about 8, seemed pleased with his 5 euros. We were pleased too when we got it home and realised it was real Duplo. It was a bargain at around £3.50!

After the car boot, we went for our favourite walk (or Spencer's!) by the river and across the old railway bridge. 

It was a cold day but Spencer didn't mind. He was straight in the water!

When we got home, Chris had to check out the Duplo castle of course!

Max had been relaxing at home as usual. 
Can you spot him?

In the afternoon, I sowed some seeds in a tray. Snapdragons and hollyhocks. 

I've put them in the farmhouse window. Hopefully the seedlings will appear before we head back home. 

I then made a start on clearing the weeds from the front of the farmhouse. This will be the third maybe fourth time I've weeded here. I'm trying to make a flower border. It's definitely improving and most of the brambles have gone now. It's very stony though hence the orange bucket for throwing the stones into. The rabbit spade is excellent for those difficult weeds. Thanks Dad and Mum!

In the early evening our friendly neighbour Serge popped by to say hello. He said he had some spare potatoes if we needed any. So we followed his tractor up to the farm. There was literally a barn full of potatoes. He said we could take as many as we liked so we filled a bag!

I hope you had a lovely Sunday!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. You have some wonderful friends and neighbors there, along with that wonderful old farmhouse!

  2. A charming wooded path and bridge you have there. Looks like Spencer wants to play at Poohsticks!

  3. Spencer is such a good dog! Max is adorable and such a sneaky prowler!
    Your cottage is looking more and more homey and WONDERFUL!

  4. I love that railroad trail you take and I love the way the trees are on both sides. I wish Nitty liked the water as she could use a bath but we're both too old to accomplish it anymore. She's too big for me...maybe this summer when I get the kiddy pool out. You'll have a very pretty flower garden there and your tulips are beautiful!

  5. Oh, I meant to say good job on the castle, Chris! LOL!


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