Monday, 18 April 2016

Coffee or Tea?

Friday 15th April 2016

This morning our lovely friends Pierre and Gabrielle popped over. 

I had spent the day baking yesterday....

.....lemon drizzle cake....

......Florentine slices.....

.....and ginger fairlings....

We don't use a coffee maker back home in England as we usually drink instant coffee or use a cafetière. Coffee makers seem to be compulsory here in France and we wanted to be able to give a French visitor a decent cup of coffee. 

Just to say that last summer, our wonderful roofers survived on instant coffee and orange squash and never ever complained! 

A few months ago, we had decided to buy a coffee maker. We've only been in France for a short while and we're already on our third one! The first one was given to us by our electrician (he had upgraded to a newer version) and it gave up the ghost after a couple of uses. We then bought one from Le Clercs. The glass of the jug was so thin, the first time I washed it, it broke when it touched the tap! We have now purchased another one. It's ok but doesn't keep the coffee hot enough for me. I'm not sure if it's designed for the French market as perhaps they don't like to drink their coffee too hot. But I'm not sure about this. Maybe the hot plate just isn't very efficient. 

Anyway Chris and I had been experimenting with coffee strengths throughout the week in anticipation of our French friends' visit today. We finally found the perfect strength although I was concerned about the temperature of the coffee. 

Our friends arrived and we had such a lovely morning. 

They are a very gentle, sweet and polite couple. Our French is definitely coming along as we spent over an hour in French conversation. Our friends are also learning English so it works very well. However they spoke in French most of the time. I suggested we speak a bit of both but they seemed to prefer to stick to French for now which suited me as it's such a great opportunity to practise!

Back to the coffee maker! I made a pot of coffee and a pot of tea! I was surprised when they both chose tea! They said they would prefer something traditionally English. I was really pleased about this but chuckled to myself after our week testing for the perfect coffee!

I'm sure our coffee maker experimentation will come in handy for another French visitor but it's funny how things work out sometimes!

It's been great to have your company too!

Maggie xx


  1. You guys are so kind! I hope you like your new coffee maker, too! The table and the sweets are lovely.

  2. You were very productive, and it all looks delicious!

  3. That all looks yummy! Perhaps I should start inviting friends for afternoon tea - very English!! I'm an instant coffee girl - although I like "real" coffee it never seems quite worth the faff and, as you said, it's never hot enough! I can drink a coffee in a restaurant as soon as it arrives at the table - hardly worth the effort!

  4. Wow! When you bake you really bake. It all looks so delicious! Did you bake for your company or so you always bake a bunch at once? It's probably more efficient but it would spoil before I could eat it all as it is just me. I'm going to see if I can find U.S. recipes for those. I do make the drizzle cake and love it but I have to try the florentine and those cookies! Yum! I'm having a problem with coffee makers at the moment too. They never seem to last very long. I drink coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon and evening. Now I feel like baking today! LOL!


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