Sunday, 10 April 2016

Cottage Bedroom Insulation

Wednesday 6th April 2016

I forgot to say that on Monday morning our electrician arrived. I was pleased that he had as it saved me having to ring him. He had come about the branchement définitif or permanent electricity connection. He rang ERDF, I then received some emails which I forwarded to him to deal with at the office. It's great having a bilingual electrician!

On Tuesday morning, we measured up the larger cottage bedroom as we wanted to make a start on the roof insulation. I took lots of photos of how it is now. 

We then drove to Castorama, near Quimper, which is a large DIY store. We were really surprised that we found the materials we needed straight away. (insulation boards and some treated wood for batons). We purchased them and then stopped at McDonald's for lunch mainly for the free wifi they have there. Unfortunately the connection wasn't very good.

We drove home and noticed the pong of cows. The farmer across the road was muck spreading in the field. Lovely country smells! We gave him a friendly wave!

Today we made a start on the insulation, hacking down the old boards and cleaning underneath where there were lots of cobwebs. 

Chris cut some of the new boards to size and put them in place. 

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  1. How does Chris know how to do all that stuff that needs to be done? Glad you found a DIY store where you can get your supplies. I have to go about 1 1/2 hours! I love the slanted ceilings and can't wait to see you transform it! Is this going to be your bedroom?


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