Monday, 25 April 2016

Godetia Seeds Planted

Friday 22nd April 2016

I was going to continue painting the living room ceiling today but Chris needed to use the step ladder for the bedroom insulation. 

So as it was a sunny day, I did some more gardening at the front of the farmhouse. I started by removing more stones with the sieve. 

It was so warm that we could have the doors open. Spencer enjoyed the sunshine in the doorway. 

These are the seeds I want to plant at the front of the farmhouse on the right hand side. They can all be planted directly outside without the need for seed trays in a greenhouse. The area is about 5 metres long so I am going to plant each metre with a different seed to see which thrive.....if any!

This is the first metre that I've prepare to plant. I've weeded it and tried to remove as many stones as possible.

However under the surface there are still many compacted stones as this area had been gravelled in the past for water drainage. We have gutters on our new roof so now I can plant flowers! I have also added some rich soil from other parts of the garden and some compost. 

I've sown Godetia seeds in this patch. Let's hope they grow!

I moved the goats to the front of the house as they're such great company!

In fact, all my fur babies were with me! The goats, Spencer......

.....and dear old Max!

When I wanted a break from the garden, I sorted through some of my fabrics. 

In the fields today, Georges was in his tractor with a disc harrow. 

Chris was making great strides with the insulation. 

It's been lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx

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  1. You guys are just amazing how well you work together and apart and I have learned how to balance activities watching you both. Just steady work with breaks and good food and a reward of handwork in the evening watching the telly which I now watch podcasts on You tube through my t.v. T he insulation looks great and so does your ceiling painting! Now I want to go paint something and plant more flowers! LOL! I have zinnias coming up and all our Spring blooms are gone now. We're a little farther South. Enjoy!


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