Friday, 22 April 2016

Painting and Insulating

Monday 18th April 2016 

We set the alarm this morning as we wanted to get up early and crack on with some work. We both find that the mornings are the best times for getting jobs done. 

I wanted to make a start on painting the cottage living room ceiling. My method would be to clean an area with sugar soap, let it dry then paint it. At present it's covered in yellow paint with black highlights! The black is from age and the fire that used to be here.

Chris wanted to make headway with the insulation in the cottage bedroom. 

It was a gorgeous sunny day. I had a lovely chat with my parents on the phone. The phone signal is always better at the back of the barn. A farmer was spraying our neighbouring field and We exchanged a friendly wave. Sadly for me, the cows have now been moved to across the road. 

When he had finished his work, the farmer popped over to say bonjour. We hadn't met before although I had seen him working in the fields lots of times and he always waved. He introduced himself as Georges and said he hadn't come before as he didn't think we spoke French and he didn't speak any English. I hope I proved him wrong about the French! We had a friendly conversation about this and that. He told me that there would be fumes in the fields on Wednesday so not to put my washing out. 

Later on I had cleaned and painted the first area of ceiling. 

In the afternoon I moved the goats to the front of the farmhouse to mow the grass there. They loved it and were very excited to be on this fresh pasture! I removed a few seedling laurel trees first as they're poisonous to goats. 

I carried on with weeding more of the border along the front of the farmhouse. 

So lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx


  1. There are some "municipal goats" in one of the patches of grass in the vilage, so I treated them to some soft apples (I only like crunchy ones!) yesterday. They got rather excited!

  2. How nice to meet your farmer neighbor. Your ceiling is really looking nice! Ceilings are tough to do but I'm like you....a little section at a time and it will get done! I also have gotten to taking Sunday and Saturday off because when you work at home there is always something to do! I do what I want on the weekends and what I need to do during the week and sometimes if I'm lucky they are the same thing! LOL!


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