Thursday, 14 April 2016

Spring Cleaning and Drive Clearing

Wednesday 13th April 2016

The weather has been beautiful this week with lots of sunshine and blue skies. 

A good opportunity to dry the laundry!

I have been spring cleaning the cottage. Lots of dusting, sweeping and mopping to make the place spick and span!

It's been warm and sunny so I've opened the doors to let the sunshine in!

Chris has been clearing more of the driveway.

Over the years when the house was empty, a thick layer of mud had accumulated on the drive. 

It's been back braking work for Chris. 

He's sliced up the mud, shovelled it into the wheelbarrow and then emptied it into the pond. 

I can't count how many barrow loads he's done. It's all worth it though as we now have an acceptable gravel drive and when we get in and out of the car we're not ankle deep in mud!

In the meantime, the animals have been enjoying the warm weather......

......the tulips are about to bloom.....

.....Chris has found time for his guitar.....

.....and for putting up our new outside light.....

.......and we've had some beautiful evening skies.....

Thanks for popping by and for your lovely comments. I so love receiving them!

Maggie xx


  1. Looks like a good job well done. Are you filling in the pond? The weather is improving I think though we will still get a few cold days I am sure!! Diane

  2. Oh I do like to see washing drying on the line, hopefully mine will be out any day now. I wonder what Chris was playing on his guitar, maybe something to welcome the sunshine. Have fun. Cath

  3. It looks like domestic bliss to me – meaningful work towards a common goal with pleasant weather and company!

    I have never seen a goat stretched out like that; I would have thought he was dead!

  4. The goat is funny!
    You're making your French home so wonderful!

  5. See? Now how did Chris know there was gravel underneath that mud? I would have thought I would have to order a load of gravel....I think he has special powers. And look at you so cute in your cozy kitchen. I need to get things "spic and span" around here! There is something to be said about 2 people versus 1.


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