Sunday, 3 April 2016

The goats are back!

Saturday 2nd April

We spent yesterday putting stuff away, cleaning and shopping. We were pretty tired after the journey and didn't do much else. 

Great to see those cows in the fields!

Today our friends Bob and Val arrived mid morning with their pup Ludo. They had brought the goats! So excited to have these boys back again. 

If you remember their names are Bam Bam and Time. We've put them at the corner of the barn to munch away on the brambles and undergrowth there. Hopefully to discourage the snakes that were there last year! They were very excited to be on the fresh grass and settled in immediately. 

We had a nice lunch of quiche, olive bread and salad and after a cup of tea and good catch up on news, Bob and Val left as they were catching the ferry tomorrow back to England for a few days. 

We then made a start on clearing some of the wood at the side of the barn. A couple of hours and we were weary so went in for tea and put our feet up. We watched the film The Matrix which Chris hadn't seen before. 

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. Bet you are happy they are back getting rid of the brambles for you. I cannot imanine how they could be good to eat though :-) Keep well Diane

  2. Yay for the goats! Your lunch sounds scrumptious!

  3. The goats are back - and so are you! Just caught up with your newest posts & look forward to reading more of what you get up to.

  4. Those goats are so cute! I need to make your meals....they always sound so delicious and you just seem to "whip them up" in no time!


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