Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A Countryside Bonus

Monday 9th May 2016

When we returned home from Bob and Val's on Sunday, Georges had completed planting the maize. 

Today we had a few tasks on the list to complete before we return home to England. 

One of these tasks was to climb up into the farmhouse loft and close the Velux windows. 

We think that the roofers installed the Velux Windows last year and didn't shut them, probably thinking we would do so from the inside. Trouble is, the loft floor isn't safe to walk on so we don't go up there unless we have to. We didn't realise a window was open until Chris spotted it from the outside. 
So we ventured into the loft. Well actually Chris ventured up the ladder into the loft whilst I stayed on the first floor acting as safety officer. He took some planks and boards with him to rest across the beams. He got the job done safely and also moved some large stones, that had been resting on the dodgy floor, to a safer place. 

Another task on the list is to remove the earth around the electricity pole in order that our permanent meter/power breaker may be installed there.  So Chris dug out a few barrows. 

The goats had a nice rest. 

Then Chris tackled some branches of the beech tree by the windmill. 

He was kind of superman today!

In the meantime, whilst having a break from my safety officer role, I prepared an area at the side of the barn for some fruits. 

As there were so many rotting leaves, we made a makeshift compost heap with some pieces of tin. 

Then I planted the fruits.....raspberry from our friend Henri ....

Blackcurrent from our friend Gail.....

And rhubarb also from Henri.....

What kind neighbours we have!

As a bonus, later on in the day, a tractor that had been muck spreading in the field opposite, left a trail of manure outside our house. 

We shovelled it into a bucket and mulched it in around the fruits!

Thank you for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. Now THAT is making lemonade out of lemons! ;-)

  2. Strange when we did our roof we found some large stones just 'put on' the ceiling inside!!! One was right over the loo, it was big enough to do a lot of damage if the ceiling had cracked!!
    Take care Diane

  3. Leaving again? When will you live there permanently, if ever? You've made so much progress but I imagine your "real" jobs help pay for it! LOL! I hope you continue to blog when you get home. I love your sewing and handwork. Also, do you still have your Etsy shop? I'm thinking of one but not sure if it's worth it? When you have time please let me know how you like yours. Have a safe trip home and good job on the farm house!

  4. Wow! Chris deserves a superman cape! You do, too! Is it sad to leave?


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