Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Permanent Power (we hope!)

We were up bright and early this morning as ERDF were arriving this morning to assess the situation for our permanent electric supply (branchement définitif).  Our electrician was also coming along to liaise in French. Our French is improving but chatting about the technicalities of electrics is beyond us at the moment. 

Good thing we were up early as they were both here at 8.30am. They spent 2 hours discussing the placement of the new meter, circuit breakers and cables. The conclusion was reached that the new meter would be placed in the same place as the temporary meter on the concrete pole on the corner of the plot. 

We now have to wait for a devis (estimate) for the work and then a date will be arranged. 

We were advised that the bank behind the concrete pole would need to be cleared and lowered so that the meter could be fitted. 

Chris got work straight away and cleared the brambles in this area with the strimmer. 

I took the wheel barrow round and Chris dug away at the bank by the pole resulting in a wonderful barrow load of soil for my flower bed!

It was the warmest sunniest day we've had so far and my seeds are sprouting!

Lots of tiny snapdragons!

I've now counted 14 hollyhocks. 

And outside in my new border, the Godetia seedlings have appeared. 

In the afternoon, Chris cleared the gutters and tidied up the oak tree....

.....with some well deserved relaxation later on....

Thank you for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. Maggie, you have both worked so hard and I am glad to hear of your success with your seeds. I just love your patchwork tablecloth, is it one that you have made yourself ?

  2. Oh, I can't wait to see your garden! Your new home is coming along nicely. Having access to power throughout your house will certainly make work a lot easier.

  3. You guys are such hard workers! SO happy you're getting permanent electric throughout! You have a green thumb for sure! Look at those little seedlings grow!


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