Monday, 16 May 2016

Raising the Ceiling

Saturday 14th May 2016

Another week has flown by. The main task we've been concentrating on this week is raising the living room ceiling. The ceiling had slumped by about 4cm due to water damage in the past. This photo shows the bedroom floor above. You can see the gap that had appeared. 

We used acroprops to raise the ceiling to its correct height. 

Then Chris started drilling holes through the beam and the granite wall behind. 

He then put strong bolts in to hold the ceiling in place. 

Today our friends Bob and Val popped over for lunch and to collect the goats. They've done a fantastic job of clearing back the long grass and weeds. I'm going to miss these little guys but they'll be back in the summer. 

Our pear trees, planted last December, are looking good.....

We've nearly finished the multi-couche....

.....and tried out the lambris.....

On Friday evening we went to a barbeque at Rod and Gail's. It was warm enough to sit outside all evening. 

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. You are such a sweet-looking, and obviously hard-working, couple!

  2. Love it when one of your posts pops up in my feed, you are making such strides with your French home. What a lovely picture of you both at the end of today's post.

  3. It amazes me how Chris knows how to do all that stuff! The house is really coming along. You must be so pleased and look at those pear trees!


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