Monday, 9 May 2016

Visit to Ploumanac'h

Saturday 6th May 2016

Today we travelled to see our friends Bob and Val. Before we left, our neighbouring farmer, Georges, had started planting the maize crop. 

The tractor had attachments that planted the seed and laid plastic over the top to aid seed germination. 

We arrived at our friends' house and then travelled to Ploumanac'h on the north coast. 

We ate delicious steak and chip butties at a picnic table. 

Then walked amongst the many magnificent huge rocks that may be found here. 

Many of the rocks resemble various animals and objects and many have faces if you look carefully. 

Spencer enjoyed the walk..... did Bob and Val's young dog, Ludo. 

The rocks are pink granite. 

The weather was warm and breezy. 

This rock is called 'the bottle'.

It was a fascinating place. 

Oh Chris!

We had a very enjoyable day. 

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx

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  1. Beautiful! I love where the houses are and then a giant a real giant came through and plopped them down. I thought you were going back to England? Love the photo of Chris "cliff hanging"! LOL!


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