Thursday, 28 July 2016

A Step in the Right Direction....Broadband!

This week is flying by....I can't believe it's Thursday already. I actually got the day wrong today. Chris asked me earlier what day it was and I was convinced it was only Wednesday. I wondered why I'd read something about it nearly being the weekend! So Thursday it is!

Time has been going by so quickly that I completely forgot to say that we now have a landline telephone connected and our broadband internet became available last Friday. There were relatively few teething problems apart from a mix up with our broadband router. We were told to pick it up from a florists (yes slightly bizarre) in the nearby town of Chateauneuf-de-Faou but it didn't arrive there so Orange arranged one to be sent direct.

Over the last few days, Chris has continued with the wood panelling in the bedroom. He's now completed the top section. It looks great.

He then fixed batons to the sloping ceiling ready for attaching the wood panelling this afternoon.

I've made a start on cleaning the stone wall in the living room. 

Many of the stones are black and discoloured probably from the previous owner's woodburner/fire. You can see the true colours of the stone in this one that I've scrubbed. There are orange/reddish streaks and speckles of iron pyrite/fool's gold.

We debated about what to use to clean the stone and in the end plumped for a simple wire brush and a water spray. It's quite painstaking and a labour of love but it's also very satisfying cleaning the stone and revealing it's true beauty.

You can see the black stones above that haven't been cleaned. There are many more stones to be cleaned yet. The good thing is, it's the kind of job you can leave and then come back to. Chris does a bit too when he fancies a change from wood panelling!

You may remember I attempted to clean this wall when we first I am below....nearly two years ago! That soapy water wasn't a lot of use!!

In between wood panelling and stone cleaning, we've been shopping, to the Mairie to pay our water bill and paid a visit to our friends, Henri and Yvette. They were as welcoming and friendly as always and it was good to see them and catch upon news.

On Sunday I planted some basil.

I have a few beansprouts now!

I have planted some of them in the ground with a wigwam.

The godetias that I grew from seed in the Spring are beginning to flower......

Something I hadn't noticed before but now it's flowering I recognise it......St John's Wort.....under the oak tree.

The frontage was very overgrown.

So Chris got to work strimming it....a shame as I liked the wild flowers but it was getting too wild and had to be done!

I spotted this beautiful moth this morning on the farmhouse window frame.

I've also had time for a spot of patchwork.....I've sewn the top of a baby quilt.....

As always, thanks for visiting!

Maggie xx


  1. Love your new header photo!

  2. It's lovely to catch up with you now you're back! You put me to shame as I sit here in front of the computer wasting time!! I should be outside doing stuff!

  3. Things are looking good; love the ceiling. But I must say, you look awfully dressed up to be scrubbing stone! Lol.

  4. Oh wow! Your beebalm is gorgeous and tall! The ones I took photos of were less than 2 feet or 60 centimeters tall.
    I certainly would not want to scrub a stone wall, but the stones certainly looks 100% better!
    Love the baby quilt! The scrappy fabric is so vibrant!

  5. It's so exciting and the stone and wood panels look wonderful! I love your flowers especially the"godetia"? I've never heard of that and would never have recognized St. John's wort. Thank you for the pictures! I can't wait to start on the I Spy quilts but I've been working on cleaning the basement. TTYL!


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