Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Beautiful Sunny Weekend

Sunday 17th July 2016

The weather this weekend has been beautiful...hot and sunny with hardly a cloud in the sky. A perfect start to our visit to Brittany. 

The beebalm has lived up to its name.....the bumblebees can't keep away!

As it's been so hot we've been slowly unpacking and sorting things out. 

We brought the mains strimmer with us this time so I got stuck in strimming near to the house.  Chris will be tackling the bulk of the high grass with the petrol strimmer. We just need to get some petrol!

I've planted some runner beans. I know it's a bit late but it's kind of an experiment to see if we can be eating them by the end of the Summer. 

Here they are on the window ledge in the sunshine. I'll let you know when the seedlings appear. 

The hot weather has been a perfect excuse for some hammock time. 

Just gazing at the sky and reflecting with only the sounds of nature. 

We've had a lovely breakfast al fresco...

...porridge of course!.....

.....and a lovely lunch too!

On Sunday afternoon, I weeded the side of the house at the back where it is shadier. Chris dug out some old asbestos roofing that had been uncovered by the rain. 

The little fruit garden is looking good now we have pulled out most of the weeds. The raspberry, blackcurrents and rhubarb have all survived. The snapdragon and hollyhock seedlings are doing well too. 

That's quite enough work for one weekend....I'm back to my hammock!

Thanks for popping by!

Maggie xx


  1. I can see I am going to have to get busy if I am to keep up with you two! I don't have a strong petrol weed whacker/strimmer? I do have a cordless one that I need to charge up and get busy using it. I bought some weed killer today as I have poison ivy and poison oak and poison sumac...REALLY? It is a jungle here in the South U.S. Do you have any poisonous plants there? I hope not....they are a dickens to get rid of. I hate using chemicals but I have to....the grand kids are coming and that's all we need! LOL! The dogs also get it on their fur and then I per them and I get the oil on me. I had to get steroids last year to get rid of it. It is really hot here too like high 90's F but feels like 100's F. I go out if it stays cloudy and then in the evening after the sun sets. I should plant some beans. It's not too late here either. You guys really motivate me as most blog don't talk about "work" and the women don't do yard work....really? Most stay in and knit but it's healthier to get out and do some work. TTYL! My day is just about done now. Enjoy! Stay cool too!
    Oh, love your bee balm and your fruit trees and bushes!

  2. I see you are back and brought some great weather with you. Sorry I have not been visiting, but after being away for a month (U.S.A), and we are now redecorating our house after 10 years - time is at a minimum. I hope to be back to normal soon but with over 2000 holiday photos to go through..... Take care Diane


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