Friday, 22 July 2016

Goats in the Sunshine

Those little rascals are back!

Little Bam Bam and Time have lots of work to do whilst they are here. As you can see, Chris has helped them along a bit by strimming some of the grass and weeds.

They did not take long to get stuck into the long grass and vegetation.

It's funny that we thought we'd cleared this area in the Spring! Obviously we knew it was going to grow in the two months we've been away but it has grown so high!

I think it's been ideal weather conditions here for grass and weeds!! The maize in the field isn't doing too bad either!

Our main task this visit is to complete the larger cottage bedroom. In the Spring, we fitted the insulation and the next task is to fix the wood panelling on the ceiling. On Tuesday evening, Chris made a start.

The first part is the most difficult because the wood needs to be cut into short lengths to fit between the rafters.

Chris brought his electric saw up into the bedroom to make things easier and I'm pretty impressed with his progress.

The white wood really lightens up the room. The top portion of the ceiling is pretty much completed now. The next part is the sloping portion of the ceiling which should in theory be easier as Chris will be using longer lengths of wood.

In the meantime, I've been mainly working/spending time outside.

Quite of lot of ragwort had grown up particularly on the frontage, so I pulled most of it out whilst Chris strimmed the sides of the driveway. I want to control the ragwort as it's poisonous to goats.

Our frontage has become somewhat of a wild flower meadow. Seems a shame to cut it down really....

I weeded the little patch of garden that I created in the Spring. The plants are looking rather sorry for themselves but the white lavender seems to be doing well.

I planted a clematis (Star of India) here and if it takes it will look pretty climbing up the wall and over the postbox.

In the Spring, I grew some seeds straight into the soil along the front of the farmhouse. These included zinnia, poppy, cornflower, godetia and calendula. The godetia and calendula were the only seedlings that had survived whilst we were away. 

Luckily I had also grown some hollyhocks and snapdragons. I had planted some of them in the fruit garden as I wasn't sure where to put them at the time. This has worked out well as now I have transplanted some of them to the front border.

I have my first runner bean stalk!

A pretty flower from a scatter seed collection planted in the Spring. Not sure what it is...maybe some kind of scabious?

We brought a little chest freezer with us this time (sorry Mum!) so I put it in position in the cottage kitchen. Not sure it will stay there forever, maybe we will fit it in the pantry, but it will be excellent for storing all that barbecue food and ice cream!

I've given the kitchen windows a good clean!

This has been a long post. Thanks for sticking with me! To end with, here's a nice one of Spencer enjoying the sunshine.....

It's been lovely to have your company!

Maggie xx


  1. I think you need a dozen more goats!

    Spencer had me laughing the way he kept showing up in your garden photos. "and over here we have planted the Star of Clematis!"

    The bedroom ceiling is looking wonderful. Chris is doing a fantastic job.

  2. Your growing conditions and ours always sound so similar – even to the battle with tansy ragwort (here it is referred to as tansy). I KNOW our place would be a jungle after two months!

  3. Like that picture of Spencer smiling! Good work, all.

  4. Your ceiling looks lovely and so do your flowers! I've fallen behind in reading your blog and others and blogging too as my family was here for 2 weeks. I need to do some window cleaning too! Great that the goats are back. They're so cute!


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